Video of the Week


S & W Episode 428

April 21, 2014

Dee is a bit weirded out that Lance is recording a show with him in the Hollywood SW studio. Eunuch rapper is not affiliated with the Wutang brand. Cannibal brothers in Pakistan. Special guest Ryan Young from Off With Their Heads takes some phone calls.
Check out Ryan’s new site and podcast:


S & W Episode 427

April 14, 2014

Lance Wackerle and documentary film star Dee Simon discuss Women Who Eat on Tubes. Urinating in a coworker’s coffee is generally not a good idea. Smart car tipping in San Francisco. Phone calls.


S & W Episode 426

April 7, 2014

Lance quashes Dee’s dream of joining the Secret Service. Misinterpreted April Fools prank. Subway surfing in the Bronx. Phone calls.


S & W Episode 425

March 31, 2014

Dee hopes the US and USSR do battle with highly trained dolphin assassins. UK dad lops off his hand with DIY guillotine. Delta senior flyer a bit too frisky with female passenger. Phone calls. Tribute to Gwar’s Oderus Arungus.


S & W Episode 424

March 23, 2014

Dee and Lance record podcast early. Of course most hated man in the world dies the next day. Whatever, you’re all invited to Fred Phelps’ Big Gay Death Party. Bestiality in Washington redux. BBW party in Airbnb rental. Listeners share Sick and Wrong shit stories.